First let me say thanks for being interested in tutoring and providing homework help with our company...


 You MUST have at least a 4-year degree in your field of expertise. You MUST be VERY good at the work you do. I will not hire you if you do not have at least B’s in your field of study (math, chemistry, physics biology, etc.). You MUST be very good with tutoring and providing homework help. You MUST check your email frequently for possible tutoring work. A phone number to contact you would be preferable, but is not necessary.

Send these items by email:

(1) Resume.

(2) Scan of your university marksheets.

(3) Payment preference (Paypal or check).

Send them here to this email address:

How it works:

(1) The students send the homework help request to me.

(2) If I cannot provide the homework help or if I’m too busy to do it, then I will email the homework request out to several different tutors.

(3) The tutors send back offers.

(4) I email the student and tell him/her the least offer for the homework help.

(5) Student agrees and pays for the homework help. (Or does not agree in which case the process ends.)

(6) I email the tutor (you) and tell the tutor that the student accepts your offer.

(7) The tutor sends the finished homework to me.

(8) I send the completed homework help request to the student.

(9) I send payment to the tutor.


You set your own prices. We charge the student about 25% more than your price, but we usually pick the tutor that provides the best price and also has proven his/herself to be an excellent tutor. As you can tell this process is time-consuming, therefore you must check your email frequently. If you do not check your email frequently, then I will probably not use you as a tutor.


I will warn you now that I would like the work to be as close to perfect as possible. I know errors will be made occassionally, but please try to keep them to a minimum. Also I would almost always like for the homework help to be done be hand, then scanned and emailed to me in an MS Word document. Handwriting must be neat and legible.

In other words I do usually not accept typed math unless the student specifies that it is to be typed. Units and unit conversions must be shown for all science work. In other words, for the equation W = mg (weight equals mass times gravitational acceleration). Do not simply put W = 10*9.8 = 98. You need to write it out like… W = (10 kg)(9.8 m/s²) = 98. N. Hope to be working with you! — Prashant Goswami

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